Epizón, in Greek means “survivor”. Three performers live in a space where, thanks to a common physical code, discover different interactions ´ kinds. Through the creative use of their own heartbeat, they become capable to influence the performance on a sound and visual level. The heart is the key element: a symbol of humanity and understanding of themselves, but also a connecting element with HART, the prototype capable of processing the heartbeat sound and, consequently, extending the expressive range of the performer. The choreographic structure evolves through a dialogue with space, the other performers and the technology. Epizòn investigates the concept of natural creative selection, where the performative elements that survive to the various interactions attempts, become the foundations of a new language.
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Concept, testi e regia - Giulia Odetto
Ambientazione Sonora - Lorenzo Abbatoir
Videomapping - Lea Brugnoli
Supporto tecnico - Marco Conte
con Lidia Luciani e  Greta Cisternino
“The goal of life is to make
your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with


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